How to Write a College Essay

In order to write a good college essay, it is very important for students to have adequate preparation about it. It is extremely paramount to find ideas on what to write about. These ideas are generally derived from the topic of the essay. Students will realize that after writing their ideas down, it becomes easy to write the college essay.

After coming up with the ideas, the next significant thing is to organize those ideas with the help of an outline. The outline should help the student come up with a draft. Usually, the draft will have mistakes, but this should not be a problem since they can be eliminated when the final draft is written. The essay should contain three parts namely: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The introduction, just like in other essays, draws the attention of the reader to the writing. If the introduction is boring, it will not convince the reader that it is worth reading. The body of the essay brings the different ideas together and supports the major argument of the essay. At this point, the writer needs to be very careful not to deviate from the main focus of the essay. While writing the body of the essay, a writer should employ the techniques of critical and creative thinking to put across the ideas in a way that the reader(s) will not struggle to comprehend. It is not enough to have ideas, but also the skill to communicate the ideas well. At this point, the writer can choose to make the essay interesting by adding personal examples or opinions that can add value to the essay. Finally, after putting down the essay’s main ideas and points, it is pertinent to have a good conclusion. The conclusion is very important since it summarizes what the writer said earlier. A writer should conclude well to maintain the consistency of the essay.